The ReactorForge Induction Heater is a complex machine requiring many different skill sets to build. Here I will be laying out the table of contents for all of the individual guides or plans to make each of the components.

As each plan is complete, its text will become a link to the respective page. I plan on improving the formatting of this page. For now, this is a placeholder or roadmap of the guides I will be creating.

ReactorForge Induction Heater Plans

Table of Contents

  1. Hardware Components
    1. Matching Transformer
    2. Primary Coil Winding
    3. Secondary Coil Winding
    4. Tank Capacitor
    5. Work Coil
    6. Bringing The Tank Components Together
    7. Inverter Cooling Plate
    8. Cooling Plumbing
  2. Electronics
    1. Mains Power Input
    2. ATX Power Supply
    3. Inverter Contactor
    4. Mains Power Filter
    5. Inverter
    6. Main Control
    7. Hybrid Gate Driver
    8. Cooling Pump Switch
    9. Temperature Sensor
    10. Current Transformers
    11. User Interface
  3. Software
    1. Control Board Firmware
      1. Development Environment
    2. Monitoring Software
      1. Processing
        1. ReactorGraph