New Post Notifications & Web Store Setup

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New Post Notifications

If you subscribe to new post notifications, you may have seen a few come in this afternoon as I’m clearing out old language translations in preparation for the web store. In the past, I used the Lingotek and Polylang plugins to auto-translate pages and post to all major languages since there was so much interest in this overseas. However, I have noticed some very irritating issues and bugs with the two plugins.

In the process of setting up a web store, I had to get rid of them entirely. While working on it, WordPress decided that all the existing posts were new and set out notifications. How irritating, I apologize for any unnecessary emails you may have received if you subscribe to new post notifications.

Web Store

ReactorForge Webstore

The good news is all those bugs are gone, and the new ReactorForge web store is set working. I’m currently only supporting payments through PayPal but I do plan on adding at least one other payment gateway as I add more items. PayPal does, however, cover most everything even if you want to check out as a guest (not make an account on ReactorForge or PayPal).

Right now there are only two items in the store, the Matching Transformer Ferrite Core and the IGBT Hybrid Driver Kit. As soon as I finish installing the theme, I’ll open it up. I will also be sending out a coupon to each of the patrons that fall into this group to handle the giveaway more professionally.

I have received all the passive components for the Hybrid Driver kit, and I am putting together a PDF manual for assembly and use that will be freely available on the Plans page. As soon as the packing materials show up, I can start shipping.

Trade War
Boo Tariffs

I honestly didn’t think it would affect this much. Back in June, the United States announced it was set to impose a 25% tariff on over 800 categories of Chinese goods. A BOM that I had loaded into Digi-Key before June for another kit was about $320, now with prominent red tariff adjustment notifications all over, it is at $412. That’s a big chunk for a small project! It just means I’ll have to work a little harder on the supply chain moving forward.

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