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One unpopulated (bare) RF-HD2 Hybrid Driver PCB. The ReactorForge uses two drivers to drive each of it’s IGBT modules.

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One unpopulated (bare) RF-HD2 Hybrid Driver PCB. No other components are included. The ReactorForge uses two drivers to drive it’s IGBT modules.

For a kit that contains all the required components to build a fully functional hybrid gate driver follow this link. Hybrid Driver Kit

The RF-HD2 is a dual channel gate drive circuit for high power IGBT modules. The RF-HD2 utilizes Powerex hybrid gate drivers and DC to DC converters to provide efficient switching of modules rated up to 400A. The hybrid gate drivers include high-speed optocouplers for control signal isolation and desaturation detection to protect the IGBT from short circuit conditions. Each hybrid DC to DC converter provides fully isolated control power for each driving channel. The RF-HD2 also provides an isolated fault feedback signal.


  • 5A peak output current rated at 20KHz
  • 2500VRMS isolation for control power and signals
  • Standard AMP MTA .100” input connector
  • Operates on one 5 VDC and one 12-18 VDC supply
  • Wide output voltage swing +15V/-8V
  • Compact Size 3” x 2” (76mm x 50mm)
  • Can be soldered directly to an IGBT module

The RF-HD2 Hybrid Driver is an open source project. The full schematics and bill of materials for the Hybrid Driver board are on GitHub: Hybrid Driver BOM

For more info on the driver board, make sure to read the wiki: Reactor Forge Hybrid Driver Wiki

Additional information

Weight 14 g
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 0.2 cm
PCB Only

No other included components.


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