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RF-HD2 Hybrid Driver Kit

It finally happened or is happening or… whatever. I spend about  30 hours over the weekend and set up the ReactorForge web store, or shop. Web store sounds silly to me but that is was it is. I added the four products that are available now including those that were part of the Patreon give away. 

Plans (How-tos)

I’ve taken all the photos needed for the Hybrid Driver Plans and am finishing that so it will be ready by the time the first kit hits your bench.

RF-HD2 Hybrid Driver

The store and the first written set of plans lays an essential foundation. To “rinse and repeat” for each component and system in this formidable induction heater!

The Patreon Giveaway

Some of you have already sent your shipping address, but I’m switching things up a bit for the better. Rather than just shipping the parts out to those addresses manually, I’ve sent each of you a coupon code good for the exact value of those components to use in the web store as you like.

Since some of you have asked for extra items, this will also make it easier for you to add on what you like. If you select just the items in the giveaway and use the “Standard: Free” shipping option your cart total will be zero, and no payment info will be required. If you add anything extra, you can currently select from the following payment options.

  • Stripe (prominent credit card processor)
  • Amazon Pay
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay (if you are on an Apple device).

Web Store

It looks like I have the kinks worked out of the web store. If you do happen to notice anything, please let me know. For now, it’s back to the important work, improving the design, documenting and sharing it! Thank you all for your patience and support during its development.

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