ThinkerCon 2018

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ThinkerCon 2018

ThinkerCon 2018 is this November, 17th at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL. If you can make it I will see you there!

This event will be a night full of thought-provoking conversation and fun hosted by some of your favorite educational content creators. 

Five years ago Destin, Grey, DiannaHenry, and Derek did this live event that had a huge turnout. They are doing it again this year, but this time to the tune of nearly 100 educational content creators. YouTube, HaptX, ULA, and some other great companies are sponsoring it!

There are only 1000 tickets so if it is something you can attend then don’t delay!

I can’t wait for Destin’s “chemical fireworks show”!
(Thanks to MSI Chicago for the image.)
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